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I grew up in a WOMEN-only family. The only male figure in my family as a child was my grandfather. He died when I was 7/8 years old. I grew up with an absent father and my role models have always been WOMEN. I basically admired three women in my early life. The first one was my mother, who always worked so hard to give me a privileged education. The second one was my grandmother, a strong and determined woman, who doesn't even have a college degree. However, she was a very cultured and elegant person. Last but not least, there was my nanny; a fighter, a woman who suffered a lot in her personal life but took care of me ever since I was a little baby. She stood by me even when the circumstances in my family changed.

These WOMEN have taught me determination. They have guided me and educated me, they have taught me the meaning of loyalty, to love without conditions and to fight for what is right.

That's why loyalty and truth come first for me. In all aspects of my life, and also professionally, I will always tell my truth. My perspective. Maybe you may not like it or maybe it's might make you feel uncomfortable, but I promise I care and being honest is the only way I know.

I truly believe that women are the force that moves the world. Women are my role models; they inspire me, they encourage me, they help me to grow and be a better person. Every woman has  her own path and moment to shine. People often say that "nothing in life is a coincidence" and "when you meet someone  it's always for a reason" Well, I faithfully believe that all the WOMEN I have met so far have touched my heart and I'm so THANKFUL for that!

Going back to my grandma and in conclusion… She was my example of elegance and standing, she knew exactly  what to say on all occasions. I wanted to be like her and look like her. An attractive, sophisticated, polite and charming woman. Over the years I decided to be myself, having  my own style and being sure of my choices. 

And when I started studying Media and specialising in Branding and Advertising I fell in love. I discovered that everything in business comes from there. Self-awareness, Intention and Essence are the keys that allow us to shine with our own light, and to create an attractive business able to surprise and inspire.



  •  I have more than 16 years experience in the Marketing and Customer Service sector
  •  I have worked for Companies and Entrepreneurs
  •  Worldwide Background. Knowledge of different Markets (Spanish, Italian, North American and South American)
  •  I have a Bachelor Degree in Communication Sciences
  •  I have a Master Degree in Marketing and Communication
  •  I have a highly prepared and professional TEAMWORK - COMMUNITY


  • Honest and profitable Investment
  • Reliable TEAMWORK
  • Caring Consultations tailored to your specific needs
  • Globalized Brand Development
  • Effective Marketing Strategies
  • Market Growth 
  • Increase Revenue