It’s nothing but your own personal brand. The one we all have, the one you’ve built over the years.
It’s what people think and say about you, their opinion on what you do and how you do it. The way you are and what your personality shows (the way you dress, talk & express yourself). Let’s say that all this and much more is PERSONAL BRANDING.
Now, if we want to translate that into Marketing, I could say that PERSONAL BRANDING means strategically managing your professional image. It means communicating effectively why we do what we do, how we do it and why you should choose us.  And it's applies to individuals and companies.
And why would Personal Branding work for you? The goal of PERSONAL BRANDING is to make you a point of reference in your sector/area, market, territory, company or team work.
You mean to say that it would be the best way to sell myself better?
Well, NO!
When it comes to personal branding, it's not about trying to sell yourself better. Like the anti-age cream adverts on TV. It’s about telling your truth, your story, the one that allows you to emotionally connect with your target audience. 
If you are an Italian reading this blog and would like to know more about Branding, there is a Branding expert in Italy who has been able to do his Personal Branding very well.  I really like his profile. 
His definition of branding is: Your Personal Brand is the reason why they choose you over the competition. Luigi Centenaro.
He has created a  really complete  method to work Personal Branding called the Personal Branding Canvas.
The Personal Branding Canvas is part of a Professional Toolkit: a set of cutting-edge tools to help you innovate what you offer as a professional. 
If you want to learn more about PERSONAL BRANDING,  have a project in mind or just want to keep  posted,
I'll invite you to visit his site:  You can download the Personal Branding Canvas for FREE!
Further INSPIRATION? Gabriel Olamendi and Rob Franklen – I love them!

Well NO! I can NOT!

OK. So all I need, is to hire a Social Media Manager?

It's depends on what you want.

If you want someone who understands and relates to your Brand, you will need a Communication Expert.
But it's also very important to  start analyzing yourself, to do some soul searching and figure out what are your deepest needs - what you think is right for you.
This is like when you go to a nutritionist or like when you have a personal trainer. At first everything looks great, amazing and you maybe feel that you are gonna make it!  But then you realise that any diet or any workout they TELL YOU TO DO won't get the results you want, unless you do it right.
And how do I get it right? How do I always keep myself motivated?
For example, I have been to billions of nutritionists and have been given many diets. Yes, at first, I was willing to follow them and tried them for a while, but without any results. Maybe the diets were good, but I didn't feel happy with any of them. After a long time, I was lucky enough to find someone I was able to follow. And in addition to this, I finally understood that it always did and always will depend on me. About what I have inside, what my goals are and why I have them.
In brief, you have to find someone you can TRUST, so then you in turn, TRUST YOURSELF.
In the world of MARKETING, there is no magic. It's not that I ask someone to randomly create content for my social networks because I don't have time to do it, and then after a week I expect to double my sales. Remember that our goal is something else!
You should NOT UNDERESTIMATE the power of social media. And I'm not just saying this now because of the social boom as a result of the pandemic.
I remember back in 2009, when I created Facebook pages for many companies in the industrial sector. In Spain no one believed in it. Many were afraid of being stalked. Many thought the CIA would be looking for them! Luckily for me,  I was stubborn; my CEO respected my decisions and I got the results he wanted.
Anyhow, I wanted to tell you that you have great tools to do Exponential Marketing, to be known and recognized in the markets you want.
Nobody will come to make you pay more taxes for working on your BRANDING. Why not give it a try!