Hey there! This is Fiorella. Personal Branding Strategist and Creator of Spring Ideas. 

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Currently living in Vancouver, Canada. The Glass City.

From a very young age, I had the opportunity to travel and  to explore different cultures. I have lived in Navarre, Spain for more than a decade, where I formed a large part of my professional experience.

Thanks to my family connections, I have been fortunate enough to spend many years living in New York. This bustling, vibrant city is a fabulous marketing reality that has inspired many of my work projects. I love it's diversity; seeing people from all cultures and background singing their own songs in this life.

My professional sense (intuition) was amplified and I was able to meet people, customers and companies that have only enriched my visual marketing spirit.

I am a passionate person. I love travelling, dancing. I love fashion and people.

Working for many years in different markets has made it very easy for me to recognise what makes each individual different and unique, and believe me, it works like that for businesses too! Recognising  your value and putting it out there in the right way, will only make the right opportunities come to you, and of course, your business.

I'm all for sharing knowledge and experience, this is why building a marketing community and having a trusted marketing network was so important to me.

I think in business it's very important to be able to collaborate and not to be afraid of  the “NEW” or competition. Once you can make marketing to feel human there is nothing to be worry about. 

Let me show you how... 




SPRING IDEAS, was born in Italy in 2020. With the purpose of building a network of passionate marketing professionals with same values and goals. Helping together businesses and professionals to pursue their dreams and business objectives.

SPRIND IDEAS is an open space, where we are allowed to dream, analyse, investigate and CREATE the right and suitable marketing strategies for your business.

And what can we do for you?


and what is PERSONAL BRANDING about? 

It's a marketing strategy but JUST wait a sec ... we'll tell you about SPRING IDEAS ...

SPRING, like the spring season of the year, is the time of your brand awakening, the warmth after the cold winter, the cozy place where you visualize reaching your dream goals.

Are you a passionate entrepreneur? LOVE what you do? Do you have a project in mind? Do you want to find a better role position? or growth in your professional career path?

 In a world full of the unexpected, it is fundamental to be ready for change and have the knowledge to cope with crisis.

Times like these can put us in an unsafe place and challenging positions but that's how we can grow and learn.


With a global mindset we will help you discover YOUR VALUE. What makes you different from others and unique in what you do. 

Discover the path which will allow you to bring your passion and professional life together. 

Let's join together on the journey of creating your PERSONAL BRANDING STRATEGY!


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SPRING IDEAS is the perfect place for passionate entrepreneurs.

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